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Political Prisoner's Children
Are Missing Christmas -- Please Help

Dateline: 12.16.99

From Rayelan Allan (Russbacher)

Today in the mail, Rumor Mill News received another letter from Les Coleman. I will copy it word for word into this email. But first I want to make a few comments.

When Gunther was a political prisoner of the Bush Administration, the hardest thing we both dealt with was the pain his two young sons were feeling. Their feelings would alternate from anger to pain to depression. At times they would write angry letters to Gunther that would break his heart. At times they would write letters that were stained with their tears and their own heartbreak. These letters broke his heart even more.

The prison system would play power games. They would dangle the visits of his sons over his head, but refuse to put them on the visitor's list. When they were finally put on the visitor's list, and their mother brought them to the prison, the prison refused to let them in. You cannot imagine the pain that Gunther and his sons felt. The younger boy had waited, with hope and anticipation in his heart. He loved his father and wanted to be with him. He wanted to put his arms around him and be hugged like he was when he was a little boy.

The head games that prison people play are destructive to the human soul and psyche. And the ones who get hurt the most are the innocent children. The hardest times for Gunther were the holidays. At Christmas time we were always so broke that some years I had to stand in line at food banks. One year I scraped together money to buy the boys presents. But the presents never arrived. I never had money at Christmas to buy presents again. This hurt Gunther more than the treatment the prison guards were giving him.

Les Coleman is now in a similar position to what Gunther was in. I can only imagine what his heart feels during those long and lonely nights. Today, as I was buying gifts for nieces who already have everything, I kept thinking about Les's two boys and his daughter. They are living with a foster family.

After you read Les' letter, I hope you will do the same thing I did, and buy them gifts, just as if they were your own family. You know as well as I do, that our relatives already have everything they need. These kids don't even have a home of their own, let alone a family who can buy them presents. If you can help, please do so. Please let these children know that we know what his father did to try to expose the massive corruption of our government. Not only do we know who their father is, we think he is a hero.

If you want more information about the political prisoners who are whistle blowers, read Rodney Stich's book Defrauding America Introduction and description of widespread government corruption.

There is another political prisoner that should be remembered this time of year. That is Oswald LeWinter. It is cold in the Austrian prison where he is being held. I know, because I visited Gunther while he was a prisoner at the same prison. It takes a little bit more work to get money to LeWinter. You have to convert money into Austrian Schillings and mail the Schillings in your envelopes. He is allowed to receive small amounts in this manner. Don't send over $10.00 or $20.00 at a time.

If enough of you send $10.00 on a regular basis, he will have enough to buy the fruits and vegetables that supplement the gruel the prisoners receive as food. Prisoners can also receive items like socks, shoes, and clothes. If anyone wants to write Oswald and ask him what he needs, I am sure he will fill out a shopping list. If you get a list from him, share it with the rest of us and we can all help.

Dr. Oswald LeWinter 1d4529/98
WH Tullnerbach
A-3021 Pressbaum

In case you are not familiar with LeWinter, he is the CIA agent who released the MI5 document which implicated British Intelligence in the murder of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. Many documents about LeWinter are located on the Diana, Queen of Heaven Webpage. Scroll down this page and you will find letters to me from Oswald.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Re: Letter from Lester Coleman:

The letter arrived in poor condition. It had been thoroughly soaked. The back flap was no longer sealed. It was wrinkled and folded, as if it had been carried around in someone's pocket for a few days. The return address was almost torn off. The front was water smeared. The Post Office stamped the letter: "DAMAGED DUE TO BAD WEATHER U.S.P.S."



Thank you! The web stuff is great I enjoyed reading your letter---- The real Mrs. Russbacher!!! at long last, we meet. (Almost)

I finally won the right to see my kids after a 3 month battle social services have been ordered to bring them here every week.

American Radio Network (public radio) is doing an extensive program on Pan Am 103 and about what happened to me and others who Blew the Whistle. Air date: Mid Jan.

By the way, if you or anyone wishes, My two boys are 10 and my daughter is 13. The Foster parents have put out a call for Christmas presents.

    The wish list includes:

    For the boys, Josh and Chad

  • Pokeman Cards
  • Flashlights
  • Army stuff??
  • Skateboards

    Sarah's list:
  • Cranberries CD
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Bath Body Products

Mail to: Lester Coleman children
c/o Angela Harris
627 W. 4th St.
Lexington, KY 40508

Please pass along to Rodney and others. Post on web(??)

Mary-Claude, my wife is holding on staying with friends still not up to handling the kids and household on her own .

The foster home is very good (lucked out) It is the BureauRATS that one must battle with Continually.

Check out Minn. Public Radios website: Welcome to MPR Online - Minnesota Public Radio on the Web and the Pan Am 103 site Coleman section.

Please continue to correspond and thanks also for the $50.00 God bless whoever sent it and you too.

Les Coleman In-The-Dungeon
4B 200 Clark ST.
Lexington, KY 40507

P.S. Could you also write a letter to Lexington Hearld Leader asking why Lester Coleman is being held in such draconian conditions no fresh air for 6 weeks lights on 24 hours a day poor diet, extreme overcrowded conditions, people sleeping on floor, inadequate medical care at the Fayette County Detention Center.

Hearld Leader
100 Midland Ave
Lexington Ky 40508

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