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Dateline: December 24, 1999

The American-British Version of
The Bombing of Pan Am 103
Is Crumbling
By Graham K. Yost

New evidence has surfaced that blows huge holes in the prosecution of two Libyans awaiting trial in Holland, before a Scottish Court. The unusual trial is part of an international agreement reached with Libyan ruler, Moammar Gadhafi. Proceedings are scheduled to get underway in May.

For years the alternative version of the bombing has been feverishly attacked by the United States government, for good reason. Investigators, journalists, and government agents around the world have claimed the bomb was substituted, replacing a shipment of heroin. The heroin was being carried by an informant for the United State Drug enforcement administration, as part of a controlled drug run from Lebanon to Detroit, MI to entrap drug dealers in the United States.

In an upcoming one hour documentary, being prepared by American Public Radio for 700 stations, new evidence confirms the DEA was running drugs, sometimes without the knowledge of local authorities. The DEA office in Nicosia, Cyprus got caught red handed.

Two Lebanese from the Kabbara family, near Tripoli, were caught at Rome, Italy's International Airport with a cache of heroin hidden in plastic coat hangers. The Tribunale DeRoma ruled the drugs were destined for the United States and the Kabbaras were on the United States Government payroll. DEA Cyprus Country Office denied it, but the three Italian judges ruled, "DEA Country Attache, Michael Hurley, cannot be believed."

The Kabbaras were doing more for the Americans than running drugs. Italian police discovered the Lebanese brothers had a company in Rome, called Kinex, (Kabbara International Export). Kinex was actively "purchasing" military supplies in the early 80's from United States suppliers and shipping them to Iraq. Police also found that the telephone listed for Kinex actually rang in the United States Embassy in Rome. As in other cases, DEA Cyprus regularly "loaned " drug informants to the CIA who ran them as special assets.

DEA officials in Cyprus, testifying in civil proceedings in Great Britain, repeatedly denied the existence of "controlled deliveries". However the public radio documentary unit uncovered a deposition DEA Attache, Michael T. Hurley, gave in a civil case in a South Florida Federal Court. Hurley says there were, on average, 200 informants on the DEA payroll in Lebanon, and controlled deliveries were set up about twice a year.

Defense lawyers for the two Libyans accused of the bombing, now have firm evidence that the Pan Am bomb got on the jumbo jet by replacing a DEA controlled drug delivery, which was destined for Detroit, with a symtex plastique bomb.

270 men, women and children died in the disaster which occurred eleven years ago, December 21, 1988.

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