Dear Fellow Patriot,

It has been a long time since I have written an update on our situation. 1992 has been a long and eventful year.

In February, 1992, Gunther was sentenced to 21 years in prison for an alleged crime which amounted to $20,000. Later that month Ross Perot contacted us and offered to help. Within days of being contacted by Mr. Perot, my husband suffered an attack of angina. The prison withheld his nitroglycerin, and as a result, Gunther suffered a heart attack.

Gunther was taken to the Columbia Missouri University Hospital. That was where Mr. Perot's men tried to see him. They were not allowed to see him. Upon Gunther's release from the hospital he was taken back to the prison that withheld his nitroglycerin. As he was showering, three guards entered the shower and beat him with night sticks. Gunther is trained in martial arts. He disarmed the guards, broke one's shoulder blade, and knocked another one unconscious. However, in the process, Gunther's foot was broken in two places and he received a concussion. After the beating, he was thrown into the hole. As the year went on things got even worse.

I fell ill in March. It took me almost six months to fully recover. During that time we were dealing with the House of Representatives', October Surprise Task Force. We were trying to surface the documents which would prove that Gunther is CIA, and would indict George Bush for treason.

In July we finally had everything in place to deliver absolute proof of Bush's treasonous flight to France in October of 1980. The proof was delivered... in the form of a video from the SR 71 in which Gunther flew George Bush back from the Paris suburbs where the final meeting was held. Unfortunately, the Senate and the House immediately buried the video and announced that there was no credible evidence that the October Surprise happened.

We were disappointed the cover up was so extensive, but we were not surprised. We then decided to concentrate our efforts on the legal aspects of my husband's case and hope that Clinton or Perot won the election.

In late October of 1992, I was back in Jefferson City visiting my husband at the prison where he is incarcerated. A friend of ours was there with me. The weather was beautiful and the visit with my husband was going very smoothly. Everything seemed fine. And then the roof caved in.

On October 29th, 1992, my husband, Gunther, myself and our friend William Smith, were set up as the fall guys in a failed attempt to assassinate George Bush. The attempt was planned by men at the top level of the CIA because they knew Bush was going to be defeated and they did not want to relinquish their power. The purpose of the assassination was threefold. First to assassinate the president, second to declare martial law and suspend the election and the constitution. The third reason the assassination was set up this way was to blame Navy Intelligence for the plot and deactivate the admirals within the CIA who oppose its present direction.

From October 30th to Christmas eve there were four attempts to kill, me and our friend William Smith, who everyone thinks is a high ranking Naval Intelligence officer. During that same time over fifty CIA operatives, their wives and families were killed in an attempt by the Robert Gates faction of the CIA to cover its tracks before Clinton's team came to power. After the last attempt on my life, my husband's SEAL team arranged safe passage for me to Vienna, Austria, where I stayed until Robert Gates was removed as Director of the CIA.

Immediately upon my return from Vienna, I went on a Santa Barbara live television talk show. It was the first time I had told my whole story It was also the first time I laid out ALL the ramifications of the October Surprise.

From Santa Barbara I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah were I was the keynote speaker at a Survivalist Expo. It was January 21st. I told my whole story without the fear of being killed. George Bush was no longer President and Robert Gates no longer had the power to activate "assassin teams"... or so I thought at the time.

Bo Gritz and John Coleman were also there. I was happy to have a chance to talk with them.

On the last day of the expo I received a call from a friend telling me that Gunther had been thrown into solitary confinement because the warden feared his life was in danger. This was January 23rd. Two days later, on Monday, January 25th a gunman shot five CIA employees at the entrance of the CIA Langley, Virginia headquarters. Two of the five were killed.

This morning, February 2, Gunther called to let me know that he had been released from solitary. He said that all CIA operatives who have personal involvement in the crimes of the Reagan-Bush years have been targeted by the Bush-Gates faction of the CIA. The people who orchestrated the wholesale raping and pillaging of the United States want no witnesses to incriminate them in their crimes. If the slaughter is successful, there will be no witnesses left to testify to anything.

The men and women who have been targeted are fighting back. These are not people who will simply lay down and wait to be killed. They have an active plan to defend themselves and neutralize their enemies. Unfortunately, their enemies are very powerful. The enemy camp is placed squarely within the Council of Foreign Relations and the International Elite who are behind the One World Government.

This evil cabal cannot afford for the American people to know how diabolical their plan is and the lengths to which they went to carry it out. The International Elite has the money and the connections to continue this war until every witness is dead.

These murders will never be covered in the newspapers or on radio. The people who are being killed have names that no one has ever heard and so they won't be missed or even remembered. If I had not been able to bring our story forward through the various radio and newspapers that have covered us, then Gunther and I would have also been among the anonymous dead of this war.

At the moment, Gunther and I are simply trying to stay alive. My biggest problem, aside from the attempts on my life, is money. It's hard to earn money while you are in hiding, just trying to stay alive. This, of course, is part of the way the CIA breaks its enemies.

For the months of November, December and January, I was unable to raise any money at all, above and beyond the rent. Unfortunately the gas, electric and telephone bills have just kept mounting. I am still supporting myself from the sale of tapes and from loans and gifts from friends and patriots.

So far, God has provided for me, and I know He will continue to do so.